Friday, May 31, 2013

Wilton Tent Sale!!

Today my mom and I ventured out to the opening day of the Wilton’s tent sale. We have never been before but we wanted to get some baking pans at a discounted price, seeing as we are couponers of course!!
Well, we got a steal!! And we even had a coupon lol
We got over $1,000 in Wilton’s baking products, everything from pans, to icing, to cupcake trays and candles, those sugar sheets, treat pops, those chocolates you melt, and even some stuff for baking regular food for $162 roughly after tax.
The prices of everything at the sale is at least 49% or more it said. Well combine that with the 25% off your total purchase coupon they were handing out to everyone in line for checkout you can score some great deals!!

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