Tuesday, October 29, 2013

$1.99 Tide!

Meijer has Tide listed in their ad starting Thursday here for $5.99
It shows a $2 Mperks coupon making it $3.99
Walmarts policy is to match a price AFTER store coupon pookiedeal!
The ad doesn't say it is a manufacturer coupon (but it is so don't do this at Meijer)

So use the $2/1 coupon that came today and pay $1.99!!
Some Walmarts accept the Target coupons from the inserts. 
If they do, use the $3/3 and you will pay $0.99 for a 50oz Tide!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lots of AMAZING Petsmart deals!!

Petsmart is once again running their Bonus Bucks promo where when you buy a participating product you get $5 off your next purchase of that brand. They print one per brand per transaction but the beauty of it is they roll. Not all of these scenerios will generate a Bonus Buck so watch for the BB. Some are just amazing prices!

World's Best Cat Litter $8.49 
- $5/1 manufactuer coupon
- $3/1 manufacturer coupon pookiedeal!
- $3/1 Petco coupon
-Rebate for Try Me Free Limit one
- $5/$25 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon
= As much as $9.55 MM when you buy five with $8.49 back for MIR

Natures Recipe Dog Food as low as $10.99
- $3/1 manufacturer coupon
- $5/1 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petco coupon pookiedeal!
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon
= As much as $8.04 MM with $5 BB back

Hills Dry Dog or Cat food as low as $10.99
- $7/1 cat food manufacturer coupon
- $7/1 dog manufacterer coupon
- $5/$25 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon pookiedeal!
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon
= As much as $4.04 MM and $5 BB back

Tidy Cats 35lb Pail $10.99 through 11/3
- $2/1 Peelies on them
- $2/1 Target Peelies or $1/1 Target printable
- $5/$25 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon 
= $7.96 when you buy four with $5 BB back

Fresh Step 25lb Cat Litter $11.99
- $3/1 manufacturer coupon
- $2/1 Target printable pookiedeal!
- $5/$25 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon
= $7.96 when you buy four with $5 BB back

Beneful Dog Food 3-4lb Bag $6.49
- $5/1 Petco coupon
- $1/1 Peelies
- $5/$25 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon pookiedeal!
= As much as $16.57 

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food $13.99
- $5/1 Petco coupon 
- $3/1 manufacturer coupon
- $2/1 Target coupon
- $5/$25 Petco coupon
- $5/$25 Petsmart coupon
- $10/$40 Petsmart coupon 
= $2.03 MM when you buy three without TQ with $5 BB back

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Marie Calender's Easy Sides

Starting Thursday in our market Meijer will have Marie Calender's easy sides $1.25 each
You will also save $1 instantly when you buy four pookiedeal!

Buy four for $5
Save $1 instantly
Use $1/2 Target coupon pookiedeal!
Use four $0.75/1 manufacturer coupons
= FREE!!!

FoodSaver V3240 as low as $20!!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the value of FoodSavers and how well they can protect your food. If you have been holding out for a good deal, you made a good choice! pookiedeal!
Meijer has their FoodSaver V3240s on clearance for $30! (Target sells them for $120!!)
-use the NLA $10/1 coupon from coupons.com
Pay just $20!! pookiedeal!
Also make sure to load $5 reward when you spend $30 on Mperks. You will earn that too making it net $15!!!!

Money Making Sally Hansen

At many stores starting today Sally Hansen is a money maker.

They are running a promotion this week where when you spend $10 on Sally Hansen you get $4 ECB
The MCM is printing a coupon for $4/$12 in cosmetics pookiedeal!

Buy two Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish at $5.99 each for $11.98
Use $4/$12 cosmetics CVS coupon (scans even though you spent only $11.98)
On the display theres BOGO coupons which will take off $5.99
Use a $1/1 manufacturer coupon that can be found at Wags beauty counter
Pay $0.99 and get back $4 ECB
If you don't want fuzzy nails you can do this:
Buy two Salon Complete Manicures for $7.99 each for $15.98
Use $4/$12 cosmetics CVS coupon
Use on display BOGO coupon which will take off $7.99
Use a $1/1 manufacturer coupon that can be found at Wags beauty counter
Pay $2.99 with $4 ECB back

Buy the Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Starter Kit for $13.99 (may ring up less depending on your store)
Use $10/1 Wags coupon from the monthly book
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon from Wags beauty counter
Pay just $2.99 or less for it! A $29.99 value!!pookiedeal!

Buy the refills for $5.97 each
Use $5/1 Wags coupon from the monthly book
Use the BOGO coupons will deduct $5.97
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon from Wags beauty counter
FREE!! A $11.99 value!!

Buy the Sally Hansen Insta-Gel refills for $7.49
Use $5/1 monthly coupon
Use BOGO coupons which are auto-deducting $7.99
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon from Wags beauty counter pookiedeal!
As much as $4.01 overage!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

$0.61 or less Clear Shampoo, Conditioners, and Treatments

Meijer has their Clear Ultra Shea line on clearance for $2.61 or less
With the coupon expiring tomorrow thats just $0.61 or less!!pookiedeal!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Just putting this out there

I know a lot of us will be buying money makers soon and will have more than we need. Check your local township, if it's anything like Schaumburg, no matter how fast we fill it, this time of year it empties fast. Let's not forget those on need this holiday season! And throughout the New Year to come.  Giving isn't a one time occasion, it is something that should happen throughout the year.

$0.47 for Childrens Advil and a pack of Crayons

Jewel has childrens Advil for $3.48 this week
Many of them have two peelies on them: pookiedeal!
Save $2/1 childrens Advil
Save $2/1 on one Crayola product when you buy childrens Advil

Buy one childrens Advil for $3.48
and one Crayola crayons for $0.99
Use both $2/1 peelies
Pay just $0.47 for both!!pookiedeal!

$9 Kindle anyone?

Yup, you heard me right! Just $9 for a Kindle.
Thats $9 and access to the Kindle lending library as well as many many more wonderful features.
Plus remember, you can sign up for the Kindle daily emails and get free books. pookiedeal!

But you're probably wondering how right?
They are running a promotion for $40 or $60 off a Kindle for prime members.
Not everyone has this offer. You can check here:

If you have the $40 you will pay $29
If you have the $60 you will pay $9!!
I had the $60 so I paid just $9!!

Make sure you check frequently!! Many are reporting not having this promotion the first many times they check but after a few hours it is showing up for them! Good Luck!! pookiedeal!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Suave

Suave is on sale $0.50 each limit 8 pookiedeal!
There's a target coupon for $1/2 

Get two FREE!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Money

This is a deal that truly pushes the limits. If you aren't ok doing this then don't.
Christmas is coming and who can't use a few extra dollars? pookiedeal!
Well energizer batteries have $4 bunny birthday bucks peelies on them. 
When you enter two codes you get $4 via check or paypal. Takes 6 weeks
Well the code is in the peelie not the package and you don't need any proof of purchase to redeem. So that's free $4 IMO pookiedeal!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Lifesavers

Lifesavers peg bag mints will be 3 for $4 starting 11/3
Use 3 $1/1 coupons from Jewel tear pad 
Pay $1 with $1 ECB back! Net cost FREE!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Turn $35.26 into 97.97 at CVS this week

This scenario requires the 25% email coupon

Sally Hansen complete salon manicure $7.99 each
$3 ECB when you spend $10 pookiedeal!
Buy two for $15.98
-$3.99 for 25%
-$7.99 BOGO tearpad found in store
$4 for two with $3 ECB back

Cetaphil Bars $3.49 each
$5 ECB when you buy two
Buy two for $6.98 pookiedeal!
-$1.75 for 25%
- two $1/1 bar coupons
$3.23 for two with $5 ECB back

Vichy spa water $9.99 each
$10 ECB when you spend $30
Buy three for $29.97
-$7.50 for 25%
- three $5/1 coupons
$7.50 for three and $10 ECB back

Crest Pro Health Rinse $2.99
$2 ECB when you buy one limit 2
Buy two for $5.98
-two $1.50/1 coupons
$2.98 with $4 ECB back

Neutrogena T-Gel $6.69 each
$4 ECB wyb 2
-$3.35 for 25%
- three $2/1 printables
$6.03 with $4 ECB back

Schick Hydro Razor $8.99
$4 ECB wyb one
-$2.25 for 25%
- $3/1 coupon
$3.74 with $4 ECB back

Oral B cross action replacement heads $7.49
$5 ECB wyb one
-$1.87 for 25%
-$5/1 coupon
$0.62 with $5 ECB back

Secret Clinical $8.99
$2 ECB wyb one
- FREE coupon from mail in offer
FREE with $2 ECB back

CVS brand toothbrush 2 pk $3.39
$2 ECB wyb one
-$0.85 for 25%
$2.50 with $2 ECB back

Benefiber big bottles $9.99-$10.49 depending on type
$10 ECB when you spend $20 limit 3
Buy six for 59.94
-$15 for 25%
- two $10/3 coupons
- three $5/1 CVS benefiber coupons
- three $2/1 CVS benefiber coupons
$3.94 with $30 back

CVS brand flavored antacid chews $0.99
$0.99 ECB wyb one limit 3
$2.97 with $2.97 back

Edge shave gel $3.49
$4 ECB when you spend $10
Buy three for $10.47
-$2.62 for 25%
- three $1/1 coupons
$4.85 with $4 ECB back

Swisse Vitamin Supplement $17.99
$12 ECB wyb $30 worth
Buy two for $35.98
-$9 for 25% pookiedeal!
- two $7/1 CVS coupons
- two $10/1 manufacturer coupons
$7 overage that applied to my other items

So total you're paying $35.36 plus tax. You'll get back $87.97 in ECB immediately. And in an hour or so two $5 beauty ECBs. Plus watch your online account mine now shows $/$$ for facial care shaving and deodorant. Good luck :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

$0.14-$0.64 band aids

Starting Thursday at Meijer band aids will be $1.89 pookiedeal!
Use $0.75/1 Jewel Store coupon says limit one per transaction 
Use $1/1 ANY bandaid manufacturer coupon from those free first aid kits earlier this summer
Or $0.50/1 printable 
Pay as low as $0.14 with $1/1 or $0.64 with $0.50/1!!

$0.29 Lysol products

Starting Thur at Meijer Lysol products will be $1.67 and buy $12 save $3 instantly

Buy eight for $13.36
Use four $2/2 manufacturer coupons from cold and flu Wags books pookiedeal!
Save $3 instantly 
Pay $2.36 for 8 for $0.29 each!p

Meijer Benefiber

Buy three Benefiber for $7.99 each after $1 off
Use three $2/1 Target coupons or CVS MCM coupons
Use $10/3 coupon from this weeks paper
Save $5 instantly as part of sale pookiedeal!
Pay $2.97 for three big Benefiber or $0.99 each!
Remember to clip the $6 off $40 mperk reward! 
Two transactions will trigger it making a $6 onyo mperk available!

Target Gas X deal

Buy three for $11.97
Use $2/1 Target printable NLA
And $10/3 manufacturer coupon  pookiedeal!
Pay nothing!

Target shopping trip

Went to Target today and found some great deals: 

Ricola 25ct-30ct drops $0.84
Use $1.50/2 coupon from this weeks paper pookiedeal!
Pay just $0.09 each!!

Market Pantry pasta $0.79
Use $0.75/1 shop kick coupon pookiedeal!
Pay just $0.04! 

UP & UP ibuprofen $1.07
Use $1/1 UP & UP pain reliever mobile coupon
Pay just $0.07!! pookiedeal!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheap Fleece and Knock-Off Snuggies

I stopped in Garden Ridge today because they have cheap dog beds for Puggly. Boy was I surprised. 
They're having one of those super clearance sales where almost everything is marked down. I didn't walk around looking but next to the dog beds they had fleece blankets with child or Christmas prints. 
They were $0.25 each after clearance savings. pookiedeal!

They also had their brand of Snuggies (but considerably softer than the regular ones) for $1.25!!
They still have many many left!

Good Viva Meijer deal

Meijer has a promo through 10/16:
Buy $30+ in various products including Viva get $10 onyo store coupon

There's a national catalina for $4 when you buy 3+ 6 packs

Buy four at $7.99 each
Use four $1/1 manufacturer coupon pookiedeal!
Use four $1/1 target coupons
Pay $23.96 and get back a $10 store onyo and $4 manufacturer onyo. 
Store one won't roll but $4 one will

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jewel Weekly Deals 10/16-10/22

Here's the best deals from what I've seen so far in addition to that AffyTapple one I already told you about.
Dial liquid hand soap $1
$1/2 manufacturer couoon 
$0.50 or $0.40 on game days

Dial basics bar soap 3pk $1
$1/2 manufacturer coupon 
$0.50 or $0.40 on game days

Osteo Bi Flex $14.99 BOGO
$3/1 printable coupons 
Just $8.99 for two or $4.50 each! pookiedeal!
On game days pay $7.49 for two or $3.75 each

Band Aids $2.48 
$0.75/1 store coupon 
$1/1 manufacturer coupon 
Just $0.73 after coupon or $0.47 on game days!

Advil $4.98
$2/1 manufacturer coupon
$2.98 or $2.48 on game days pookiedeal!

St Joseph cold and flu relief $3.98
$2/1 printable 
$1.98 or $1.58 on game days

Kelloggs cereal $1.99
Load savingstar buy and get $2 off milk
$1.50/1 printable
$0.49 and get $2 off milk!

Dietz and Watson lunchmeat $6.99 lb 
Buy one lb and get free bread
$1/1 manufacturer coupon 
$5.99 with free bread

Cheap Affy Tapples

Next week Jewel has Affy Tapples taffy apple 3-packs on sale BOGO at $3.79 each
Use $2/2 store coupon in October savings book pookiedeal!
Pay $1.79 for two three packs!

Cheap Revlon Beauty tools!

Jewel is taking competitor minimum through Oct 31st.
They have Revlon beauty tools as low as $1.49
Buy three for $4.47
Use $2/$4 beauty tool purchase TQ
Pay $2.47 and get $2/$4 purchase manufacturer catalina pookiedeal!
Rinse and repeat! 
On game days you will save an extra 10%!

New Meijer Mperks coupons

Just a heads up. If you're an mperks member head over there and enter offer code CAMPBELLSAVE 
You'll get some great coupons like $2/4 Prego, $2/2 skillet sauces, and $1/1 slow cooker sauce and a few others :) pookiedeal!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cheap Meijer food

Meijer has Marie Calendars Easy Sides $1.37
Use $1/2 Target coupon pookiedeal!
And $0.75/1 manufacturer coupon 
Pay just $0.12 each when you buy two 

They have Campbell's Slow Cooker sauces for $2
Use $1/1 Target coupon 
And $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon
Or $1/1 manufacturer coupon
Makes them FREE!

Jewel Cheapies

They have Johnson & Johnsonfirst aid kits for $1.19 in the travel section
Walgreens First Aid books have $1/1 ANY pookiedeal!
Makes them just $0.19 or $0.08 on game days :)
Great filler item to close transactions to earn that extra stamp!

Chapstick is $1.25 each for the original
Use the $1.50/1 peelies 
$0.25 mm or $0.37 mm on game days! 

CVS MM Advil Congestion and Benefiber

This week they are on sale for $4.95
The MCM is printing $2 off cough and cold relief
There's a $3/1 in today paper. 
They are on the monthlong buy 2 get $3 ECB promo 

Buy two for $9.90
Use $2 cough and cold pookiedeal!
And two $3/1 Advil congestion relief
Pay $1.90 and get $3 ECB back!
In store tags say limit 5, limit is really 40. 

Trial size benefiber is $1.67
Buy two get $10 ECB 
Use $5/2 coupon. 
Pay $0 and get $10 ECB!! pookiedeal!

Benefiber big canisters are $9.49 
MCM is printing $2/1 Benefiber this week
There's a $5/2 coupon in today's paper. 

Buy two for $18.98
Use two $2/1 store coupons
Use $5/2 coupon
Pay $9.98 with $10 ECB back

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inexpensive Manicure

Meijer has Impress nails for $4.99
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon
Use $1/1 Wags coupon pookiedeal!
Pay just $2.99

They also have Sally Hansen Gel Polish Strips 16ct for $6.99 all varieties 
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon
Use $3/1 Wags coupon 
Pay $2.99

Remember to clip $6 off when you spend $40 HBC. It's based on precoupon prices 

If you get the impress you can use the gel top coat from the strips on them. It works amazingly well! 

$0.64 Aquafresh through 10/13 (tomorrow)

Meijer has Aquafresh Extreme Clean on sale for $2.64 through tomorrow
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon 
Use $1/1 Wags IVC coupon pookiedeal!
Pay just $0.64 or less if you go today with the 5%

Remember to clip the reward for $6 when you spend $40 in HBC

Huge Meijer MM

So before I start, I must say if your ethics don't condone the use of overage at Meijer don't do this. If you are not comfortable trying this then don't. For those willing to try, it works beautifully I did it today.

Ok so here's the deal: 
Buy three Gas-X for $9.39pookiedeal!
These are the 18ct packages so you can use the $2/1 Wags IVC coupon
And a $10/3 coupon. 
Go to self check, and make sure you have other items. 
Ring them all, scan the $10 coupon. It scans without any intervention. Then click the call for help and tell them you have a competitor coupon for $2/1. They will verify the item size and manually enter three $2/1 coupons. pookiedeal!
You successfully just received $6.61 in overage!
Clip the $6 when you spend $40 HBC reward and make even more!

Free cake mix at Meijer

They have Pillsbury cake mixes 10/$10
Use $1/2 tear pad coupon 
And $1/2 Target coupon
Makes it two boxes for Free!

More cheap yogurt

Meijer has Yoplait Fruitful cups still on sale for $0.79
We have that Target coupon for $0.30/1
And now today/tomorrow a manufacturer coupon for $0.30/1 pookiedeal
That makes it just $0.19 each!

Money Making Gas-X and Benefiber

You can score some good money makers at walmart or if your cvs allows the overage towards other items ymmv

Walmart has Gas-X small packages for $2.44
Use the new $10/3 coupon and make $2.68 pookiedeal
Or $5/2 and make $0.12

They also have the benefiber trial packs for $1.97
Use the new $10/3 coupon and make $4.09
Or $5/2 and make $1.06 pookiedeal

CVS has the Benefiber trial packs for $1.67 each
You can get them free with either coupon, but some stores might allow you to apply to overage to the other items.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cheap EE paper towels

Buy 20 individual rolls at $0.80 each $16.00
Use $3/$15 cvs coupon
Get Bears game discount -$1.60 pookiedeal!
Use ten $1/2 coupons
Pay $1.40 for 20 rolls!! That's $0.07 a roll!

Schick MM at Meijer

This week Meijer has a promo that when you spend $25 on Schick you get a $5 store onyo
The Schick hydro razors are $7.69 on sale
Buy four for $30.76 pookiedeal!
Use four $3/1 target coupons
Use four $4/1 manufacturer printables 
Pay $2.76 and get a $5 store catalina backpookiedeal!

Meijer Weekly Deals

This week there's some great deals on the 10 for $10 get 11th free sale:

Dole salad bags
-$1.50/1 tearpad coupon that will adjust down to $1
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 
- $1/2 peelies on package
$0.50 each
Green Giant Boxed Veggies 
- $1/3 peelies on package
$0.66 each
Coca-Cola products 
- $1/1 tearpad NAPR
Pillsbury cake mix
- $1/2 tearpad coupons
$0.50 each
Wolf Chili
- $0.40/1
$0.60 each
Campbell's Spaghetti-Os
- $0.50/5 printable
$0.90 each pookiedeal!
Lipton Knorr Sides
- $1/2 peelies
$0.50 each
Old Orchard Juice Concentrate
- $1/4 printable
$0.75 each 
- $0.25 mperks store coupon
- $1/2 printable 
$0.75 for two or $0.37 each
Totinos Pizza Rolls
- $0.40/2
$0.80 each 
Hunts Snack Pack
- $0.75/3
$0.75 each pookiedeal!

Other deals:
Yoplait Fruitful $0.79
- $0.30/1 Target Coupon
- $0.30/1 printable coupon
$0.19 each
 Kraft Recipe Makers $2.50
- $1/1 Target coupon 
- $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon
Nylabone dog chews as low as $3.99
Buy one get second for a dollar
- two $2/1 petsmart manufacturer coupons
$0.99 for two!

Buy $15 in John Frieda save $3 instantly
Clip $5/$20 hair care reward
Buy four $5 shampoo/conditioners for $20
Earn $5 reward pookiedeal!
Get $3 instant savings that brings you to $17
Use two $5/2 peelies
Pay $7 and get $5 back

And an amazing Schick deal I'm going to post next!

Free or MM Italian Wedding Soup

Jewel has Campbell's HomeStyle Italian Wedding Soup on clearance for $1
There's a $1/1 in the 9/15 SS 
That makes it free!
Go today or any Bears game day and it's a $0.10 mm :) pookiedeal!

And while you're there look for Maxwell house international coffee on markdown to $1 
There's a $1/1 coupon making it free or a $0.10 mm on game days!

Amazing Ultra Deals

Here's some of the best deals at Ultra this week!

Era Laundry Soap $1.88 each limit 2
- $2/2 manufacturer coupon 
Just $0.88!!

HotPockets are 6 for $10
- three $1/2 coupons pookiedeal!
$7 for 6 or $1.16 each!

 Ragu $1.28 each limit four
- four $1/1 manufacturer coupons. They say requires clover pasta but scans without, found at dollar general
$0.28 each!

Kraft Mac n Cheese original $0.38 each when you buy 6 limit 12
- three $1/4 tearpad coupons
$0.13 each!!!

Dove Deordorant $0.98 pookiedeal!
- $1/1 blinkies from walgreens 

Bayer Asprin $1.88
-$1/1 tearpad coupons
$0.88 each!

Money Making Laundry Soap

There's a Arm & Hammer MIR for $5 floating around
It requires you to buy two baking soda and one laundry detergent 

Meijer has the laundry soap for $2.99 pookiedeal!
-1/1 mperks manufacturer coupon
= $1.99
Then add two baking soda at $0.69 each
That's $3.37 for all three and get back $5 rebate!

Money Making sunflower seeds

Davids sunflower seeds are on sale at Jewel for $0.80
Some have $1/1 peelies making them a $0.20 mm!! pookiedeal!
You can also pm at Walmart and get cash. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cheap Halloween Candy Meijer

Meijer has Nestle Funsize candies on sale 4 for $10
When you spend $10 you get $3 off instantly pookiedeal!

Buy four for $10
Save $3 instantly 
Use 50% off one bag mperks store coupon
Use two $1/2 Wags coupons pookiedeal!
Use $2.10/3 printable coupon
Pay just $1.65 for 4 big bags of candy!

Cheap Suncreen Moisturizer at Walgreens

Walgreens has  Loreal Sublime Sun on clearance for $5.29-5.99.
They have $3/1 coupons hanging from them making them just $2.29-2.99 pookiedeal!
It's really just facial moisturizer with sunscreen so you could use year round!

Cheap Purell and cheap/free band aids

Target has huge bottles of Purell for $2.14 as part of the back to school
Buy Five for $10.70
Use the $3/$10 Purell coupon
And four $1/1 pookiedeal!
Pay just $3.70 for five HUGE bottles. Flu season is coming

Hello Kitty Bandaids are on clearance for $0.64
You can use the $1/2 from the free first aid kits this summer and pay $0.14 
Or use $1/1 Johnson Johnson first aid ANY from Walgreens first aid  book (manufacturer coupon)
To get them free

Free Toothbrushes

Food4Less has 2ct packages of Firefly toothbrushes for $0.98 pookiedeal!
If you have the $1/1 printable from earlier this week they'll be free! 

Free Baking Cups

This one will take some patience.
There's $1/2 any Reynolds or Hefty products peelies on Johnsonville sausage and brats
You could take them to Dollar Tree and use them to get $0.50 small boxes of sandwich bags
Jewel has the Halloween Reynolds baking cups for $0.99 pookiedeal!
They are the nice foil ones. 
Everyone knows Jewel usually drops that stuff to 50% quick after Halloween to be able to stock Christmas. 
Wait until right after Halloween and get them for free with coupon and 50% sale. 
The orange are great for making the turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving and the black can be used at New Years. 

Or buy the regular paper cups for $0.99 so $0.49 after coupon 

Free Glade Customizables

I got a catalina alert along with a $2 coupon for these today
Buy one Customizables starter kit get a $3 onyo between 10/7 and 11/3
Buy two refills get $1 onyo
Buy three refills get $2 onyopookiedeal!

My Jewel store just did a reset and built their Christmas displays. 
Part of them is the glade holiday collection. 
They have the Glade Customizables starter kit with winter scents $4.99 through November 10. 
Buy one for $4.99
Use the $2/1 coupon from inserts or cat alert
Pay $2.99 with $3 onyo back. pookiedeal!

Free Lightbulbs

GE lightbulbs 3ct are on sale at Meijer until the end of Nov for $1.39.
You can use the $2/1 target coupon to make them free pookiedeal!
Or the $1/1 manufacturer coupon and pay $0.39!!

Meijer clearance MM

Scrubbing Bubbles products are on clearance as low as $0.77 (bathroom spray)
Use the $2/2 coupon which makes them FREE! pookiedeal!
But they're also on catalina buy 2 get $1 buy 3 get $2 buy 4 get $3 buy 5+ get $4
Best bet is to buy six, use three coupons, pay nothing and get $4 onyo back!

Meijer good deals ending today!

Theres two great deals that are ending today so just a reminder to those who want to do them.

Treseme MM:
Load the $5 when you spend $20 hair care reward
Buy three Treseme at $4.29 each for $12.87
Get $3 instant savings for spending $10
Use three $2.50/1 coupons pookiedeal!
Pay $2.37
Repeat and pay $2.37 again
So you are now $4.74 OOP and you will have earned the $5 reward. 

Kraft Cheese MM:
Load the $6 when you spend $30 in dairy deli cheese
Buy two natural slices for $5
Use $1/$5 cheese purchas
Get $1 instant savings
Use $1.50/2 coupon pookiedeal!
Pay $1.50 and get $1 onyo back 
Repeat five more times rolling the $1 onyo. 
Then you will be $4 OOP and you will get the $6 mperk 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cheap Cough and Cold

Was at Meijer today and saw some great cough and cold clearance.

Chrolaseptic sore throat relief spray is $1.42 
There's a $1/1 coupon from their website pookiedeal!
Or a $1.50/2 mPerks ecoupon
Makes it $0.42!!

Vicks Nature Fusion is on clearance for $2.09
Use the$3/2 coupon from this months P&G insert. pookiedeal!
Pay just $0.59!!

Meijer cheap protein bar shopping

Meijer had a huge reset on protein bars.

Power Bars are $0.40 each.
There's a national catalina ending tonight:
Buy 6 get $2 onyo
Buy 10 get $3 onyopookiedeal!
Buy 15+ get $4 onyo.

Buy 6 for $2.40 and get a $2 onyo for net $0.06 a bar!

Balance Bars are also $0.40 each, but there's no catalina.
There is a printable on their facebook page for $1/3. 
Makes them $0.06 a bar. pookiedeal!
Here's the catch. If your ethics allow it, you can print it as many times as you want, each one prints with a unique code. 

Met-Rx bars are $0.79 on clearance. pookiedeal!
The Walgreens Vitamins and Supplements book has a manufacturer coupon for $2/2 making them free!
It is not Meijer policy to give overage.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cheap Hair-dye at Kmart

Kmart has a promo ending today: Buy $30 precoupon in P&G products get $10 in points.
Today's paper has this high value $5/1 Vidal Sassoon hair dye 

The hair color is priced at $7.99. pookiedeal!
Buy four for $31.96
Use four $5/1 coupons
Pay $11.96 with $10 back in points. 
That's net $0.96 for four or $0.24 a box!
You can do it more than once and get the points. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Money making brownies?

Ok so here's the deal..
I know some of your walmarts are strict, others aren't. So this will depend if your store holds you to the limits in the ad or are lenient. So a ymmv..pookiedeal!
Ulta has Pillsbury brownie mix $0.32. Ad says limit one. 
There's these $1/2 coupons

If they let you buy two for $0.64 use $1/2 coupon
They'll pay you $0.36!!

Cheap cake mix

Went to F4L today for the cheap unstoppables and found this:

We just got a $0.75/2 coupons this week 
That's $0.75 for two or $0.37 each! pookiedeal!
Remember pantries all can use baking for the families for the holidays! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

$0.06 Tomatoes

SuperLow Foods has canned Red Gold tomatoes 14.5 oz for $0.39 with in ad store coupon. Use the $1/3 printable or blinkies and pay just $0.06!! pookiedeal!
You can PM at Walmart

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peelie Usage

So I've been trying to be more ethical concerning my peelie taking. Everyone keeps telling me that it's unethical to take peelies but use them somewhere else. So here goes..
Saw Chapstick peelies but they were on Advil so tried to use them on that. Cashier must have thought I was blind. 
Next came those Duncan Hines frosting coupons on the cake mix. I guess my cashier didn't see my humor. 
Then came those Advil PM peelies that were on regular Advil and Children's Advil. Tried that. Guess those two letters make a difference. 
Now today at walmart I got excited. I saw $1 woolite bottles on a display with $1/1 peelies attached. I guess 5.5 and 50 oz are very different. 
I'm not understanding why they keep putting all these coupons on items I can't use them on when I'm not supposed to take them off to use on the proper item.