Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Small MM on First Aid

This week the peroxide is on sale $1 for 3 with in ad coupon. Limit 3. You also receive a free travel bag when you buy two. Well if you have a coupon friendly store they may allow you to buy a fourth and give you the $0.33 price. But if not you will pay $1 for the additional one. Well then you will be getting two bags free. This month when you buy two first aid bags you get 2,000 points. 
So if you buy three peroxide at $0.33 each and one at $1 you will pay $2 and get 2,000 points four peroxide and two free first aid bags. Making it free
If your store is coupon friendly and will give you a fourth for $0.33 you will pay $1.33 and get back 2,000 points for a small money maker. 

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