Friday, December 20, 2013

Money Makers at Doms no coupons required

 Ok so here's a variety of items (and your stores may even have different ones) that are all MM starting today even if you don't use the coupons: pookiedeal!

When you buy any item with a 50% sticker it is immediately a MM.  Here's how:
Take the Wilton's cake pop kit, $9.99 shelf price
- 50% for sticker ($5.00)
- 75% for the closing sale ($7.50)
= $2.50 MM

Every item with a. 50% sticker is a 25% MM starting today.  And because both discounts come off as store you should be able to use the Manufacturer coupons too which should help cover the cost of your meat. Remember to buy other stuff to cover the overage if it goes below zero they will notice. Oh and 50% store coupons ring off all tax for the items so your tax may go negative if you don't buy enough other stuff. 

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