Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can you say Money Making Huggies??

This is only valid today and tomorrow!
You guys know that promo at doms spend $30 get $10 on Kimberly Clark?pookiedeal!
Well Kmart has a similar promo. $30 get $10 in points and a $0.30/gallon speedway coupon

I was like meh that's a decent promo when their Huggies Hi-Count were $22 on first clearance markdown (all stores because brand is being discontinued at that size)

Today I thought I would pop in after Meijer. They were marked down again to $12!! There's a coupon right on the shelf for $10/1 store that comes off five boxes per transaction. And we have a $2/1 insert coupon or $2/1 printable coupon. pookiedeal!
That's free!
But then if you buy enough (tracks on the card) you get $10 in points and a $0.30/gallon reward! So you make $10 and save on gas!!
I can confirm this works beautifully as I just did it! pookiedeal!
If your store is already out, the pure and natural size one and two are on clearance for $9 and there's a $5/1 store coupon on the shelf limit five per transaction and a $1.50/1 coupon in the inserts!

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