Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't be a Nancy

Today I am starting a new blog to address a few Nancys of the world

hint hint supercouponchic

( got pulled from that site cause I told people to take the peelie on a product and use it at another store that was cheaper... like no one has done that, even the person who's site said yes she may have done that but can't condone it)
I don't get the sales ahead of time like others

So I am starting this blog so I can reply.  I do feel as a site owner not letting the person your letting others talk about to respond is a coward way to run a site. even the site owner has been fueling it but ..... 

She is even letting them copy and paste my site to hers... ( no nancy not with scissors and glue you silly girl)  so I to will copy and paste what others say on there to this and post my reply......

let me give you a little heads up so know what started this.

There is a good deal at jewel and I found out about it from another site and went and pre ordered 420 puffs ( not clearing the shelves that other can buy some) 
well then I got accused of working for Jewel... not the case at all

I got accused of clearing out the warehouse ( hello if they only had 420 in the warehouse then they should not run the sale) really.
Then I got accused of running up and down isles saying I have all the items... not the case at all I picked up my pre order at customer service  took nothing from the shelf. My mom and aunt helped load the boxes.
 Any time you want I will send you the letter right from the pantry, or better yet, when I go this week I will have them send my letter to you  whats ur address, or I can tell them you will be in to pick it up????

Then people said well I did coupon fraud cause it says 4 per day.... to tell you the truth that is all I used, I paid  42.14 that day.... the puffs were .37 after instant savings with out the coupon..... still a very good deal, but if I want I can post redeem 4 per day for the next 60 days if I really cared about the .25 or 1.00 a day. 
Get it right out lander that was for the everyday essentials items and there is no limit
I think this is crazy how some people are so worried about my finances, or maybe if I give the healthy food to the pantry. 
now they are even worried I shut my site down..... no silly people I am making it better to serve the people that are not the perfect Nancys in the world, 

I never asked you to approve of my site it was to be about the different ways me and my mom shopped, but now I will make it all about you

I was just ROAMING  and yes I do go on a site that you have to get accepted to but thanks for quoting that.... 
What part of I don't work for them and I did not take from the shelves
wow and that makes you a better person  to LIE about your name

This is what I am talking about these people feel the need to cast judgment because they are following all the rules in life not pushing the limits...... I have other one that I will be working on showing how on one blog they talk about what they do and the other blog saying how wrong we are so I will update many times............

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