Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cleaning Supply Super Deal!

Ok so I was excited for this Meijer sale before I even knew about the unadvertised deal!
I was shocked to see tags advertising buy two Clorox Green Works, save $2 instantly in addition to them being included in the $5 instant savings deal. On their website they have coupons for $1/1. 

Bought two Green Works sprays $2.49 each
Bought five Clorox advanced care bleach $1.98 each
Bought one Tilex for $2.49
Bought one 409 for $2.49
Bought one Clorox spray for $2.49
- $2 instant savings for the Green Works 
- $5 instant savings for sale this week 
- $3.75 for the bleach mperk coupon (says store coupon when I loaded it)
- Two  $5/5 Clorox brand coupons (includes Tilex and 409) 
= $1.60 for all

Bought two Green Works wipes for $2.99 each
Bought three Scrubbing Bubbles sprays for $2.49 each 
- $5 instant for this weeks sale
- $2 instant for the Green Works 
- Two $1/1 printables for Green Works 
- $2/3 Scrubbing Bubbles manufacturer printable 
- $2/3 Scrubbing Bubbles Target printable 
= $0.45 for all 

Bought two Green Works sprays for $2.49 each
Bought two Lysol Neutra Air for $2.49 each
Bought one Clorox spray $2.49
- $2 instant for the Green Works
- $5 instant for the sale 
- Two $1/1 Green Works printables
- $2/2 Lysol Wags book coupons
- $0.75/1 Clorox spray peelie from the item
= $0.70 for all!


  1. Where can I find the coupon you mentioned?

  2. The Green Works is here:
    The $5/5 is a tearpad found at local area walmarts.
    The $2/3 manufacturer is from
    The $2/3 target coupon is on their site
    And the $2/2 lysol coupons are from the Walgreens cold and flu books.