Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meijer mPerks Rewards Overlap

So a lot of buzz has been about as to whether or not you can earn multiple rewards even if they aren't clipped. Also, since January people have started to wonder how the overlap for spending works, or if it even does. Here's how it all works:

Lets say this month I have the following rewards:
Category One:
$15/$325 Total
$12/$75 Dairy, Deli, & Cheese
$5/$20 Produce

Category Two: 
$6/$40 Paper, Laundry, & Cleaning
$5/$20 Pets
$5/$20 Skin Care
$5/$20 Hair Care

Category Three:
$10/$40 in Home Linens
$6/$35 Home Appliances
$6/$35 Electronics
$5/$20 Shoes

And let's say my shopping list includes products that would complete each of the above department categories and total purchase. According to popular belief, I would have to split my trip up into four seperate shopping days, because spending takes 16 hours to post. However, that simply isn't true. You can buy it all in one day. 

Lets start by clipping the $15/$325 and the first one from each of the other categories. Go to the store, do your shopping, and wait about 16 hours. You will see the $15, $6, and $10 available. Clip those and choose the next ones that appear. Wait 16 more hours, and you'll see the $12, $5, and $6 rewards available. Clip those and select the third reward in each category. Wait another 16 hours, and you will have $5, $5, and $6 available to clip. Select those last two rewards, and wait the last 16 hours. You will have the $5 and $5 ready to clip. Note: If you use the iPhone app, something really funky will happen where it says -$$$ left to go, but will still allow the reward to be clipped. You now earned all of them with only one trip to the store.

Always remember, mPerks rewards are calculated BEFORE instant savings, mPerks store or manufacturer coupons, % off offers, minimum purchase offers, in-store discounts, and manufacturer/competitor paper coupons.

Now to the trickier part, Stacking months. Lets say next month you get the same ones listed above just for simplicity sake, although I can promise they won't all be the same. 
You go to Meijer, and spend $20 in shoes, $20 in hair care, and $20 in produce, and you have not yet earned those rewards for this month. You will get the credit for this month, and next month when the new rewards post, you will have credit for those. THIS ONLY WORKS THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH! You cannot expect all your spending to carry over, only that amount spent on the last day of the month. 

This has been working for many months now, so it isn't just a glitch. 

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  1. For me, I was only able to clip 2 rewards in succession. Anything I am doing wrong?