Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amazing Tableware Catalina

These tags are hanging all over the tableware aisle. 

There's lots of $1 items such as forks, spoons, sporks, soup spoons, straws, smoothie straws, and small packages of napkins. 

Buy four for $4 
Pay and get back the following:

Then you can use them both and get four more $1 items for free or two $2 items (plates, cups, napkins, larger silverware) free. Because they are store coupons they ring off tax too. Be sure to scan the $1/$4 first and then the $3/$3. They do not roll, but still an awesome deal, paying just $4 oop and getting 6-8 products!

This will double dip with the catalina starting Monday for spend $6 on meijer napkins get $1.50 onyo. So buy six napkins $1 each, get back $1/$4, $1.50, and $3 Catalina. Then buy six more and use the Catalina's. You'll pay $6.50 oop for 12 packs of napkins!!

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