Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Super Cheap Keurigs at Meijer

This Keurig:

Is on sale in our market through Thursday for $99 with $20 onyo back limit two per transaction 
The red and black are ringing up full price but for some reason the blue is ringing up $49.99

If you enter code go271b it may or may not pop up coupons for you to clip, but worry not, they still come off at checkout. One of which is a 25% small appliance mperk. 

Buy one for $49.99
- 25% ($12.49)
= $37.99 oop and you'll get the $20 back 
That's net $17.99 for a Keurig! 

Better yet, if you have the home reward it is included so you will earn $6 back! Making it just $11.99!!

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