Friday, June 13, 2014

Diapers and Training Pants as low as $0.29 a Jumbo Pack!

Ok so this is long but definitely works!

Make a new mperks (or if you made one recently use that) so you have the lowest reward threshold, $10/$150 

Enroll in the baby program as well. 

Go to pickupthevalues and boost and print these coupons: 

They are per account not computer so maybe a few accounts to get enough.

Meijer is having a promo buy $50 in Huggies brand diapers/training pants get $10 onyo store coupon. This will not roll, limit one per transaction. 

Buy six of the $8.99 packages any variety of the Huggies brand 
- six $4/1 coupons
= $29.94 oop and you'll instantly earn a $10 onyo. Pocket it, don't roll it. 

You just earned $53.94 towards your baby reward. 

Repeat two more times. 

You should now have 18 diapers, three $10 onyos, be $89.82 oop, and have two $10 rewards coming, the baby and the general total. 

There's a rebate for spend $35 get $10 back for Huggies brand. I called, Meijer is a participating retailer, she assured me that all rebates from them will be fulfilled. Most of us have relatives so you could possibly do this three times, one per transaction. 

So you have paid $89.92 oop and earned $30 in onyos, $30 in rebates, $20 in rewards, and 18 packs of diapers. Net everything that's $0.54 a pack. 

This promo runs for a bit, so if you're patient, wait until next week for the 5% and your oop will be $87.12 (5% only works once) or $0.42 a pack 

If you have four addresses, run it once more. You'll be $119.76 oop with $40 in Catalina's, you'll earn two baby rewards and the general so $30, and $40 in rebates making you net $9.76 and 24 packs of diapers, so $0.40 a pack. Or $117.06 on 5% day so net $7.06 for 24 or $0.29 a pack


  1. Where is the rebate? TIA!! Love all your posts :)


  2. I am not finding these coupons. Also what do you mean by boost?

    1. They may quite possibly be NLA as they tend to go quickly. On pickupthevalues they offer you the option to share with friends which boosts your value so say instead of a $1/1 you would get $2/1, hth