Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meijer One Rewards Card

So I have been snooping at self check to figure out how people get those awesome free item and $/$$ coupons. The ones consistently getting them have the Meijer One Rewards Card.

You scan it like a CVS card. You sign up and pick an organization and they get 6% of your pre coupon spending each month. If you link it to a Meijer credit card you get 1% of your pre coupon spending back in rewards, if you don't you get 0.5%. Something right? Also you will receive exclusive coupons and discounts to use periodically too. 

You will need this when they go to Savingstar they say, and you can currently link Upromise to it as well. You combine it with your mPerks too and can use it on gas as well, both to earn and spend your rewards.

You can sign up here

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