Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amazing Meijer Trip

Ok so for first time since Nerf deal I went to Bloomingdale Meijer and there's great deals to be had.
All 90% off toys are extra 50% off.
Their impress and nail dresses were ringing up $1.74 so just $0.74 after tearpad on display
Physician Formula clearance $5.99 $3/1 peelies and a rebate on display $15 mm wyb 3
Pet deodorizing spray $2.84 on clearance $2/1 hang tags on bottles
Nicorette gum $8.98 Free with TQ or wags book MC pookiedeal!
Tons of hair dye under $3 a box many coupons
All VS stylers were marked $1.25 $1/1 MC so $0.25

Regular boxes Nicorette Nicoderm CQ 7ct $25.09 so $0.09 with TQ and $15/1 MC
Mini boxes still 7ct are now stocked, regular price $5.89 so free with TQ or $15/1 MC or $0.89 with $5/1 wags book coupon. Each mini box has a $5/1 so you can roll it

Spent $27 for all of the above, will submit for $25 PF MIR



  1. Awesome toy finds....but WHY like 14 UNO games??? And unless you're really trying to quit smoking.....the Nicorette?

    1. Someone I know is quitting smoking and its free, and the uno was just pennies so a great Toys for Tots item

  2. I think it is great how you think of toys for tots all year that makes it where you can give more