Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some Great Deals at Meijer

This week, Nicoderm CQ patches are on sale for $25.99 with $3 instant savings
- $10/1 Target Printable coupon here
- $15/1 Printable here or from this weeks Sunday papers
= $2 MM

Before you go clip this reward:
Each transaction will earn you $25.99 towards this, so you will earn the $6 reward after buying two making it a $10 MM pookiedeal!

Gilette Proglide Razors are on clearance for $6.39

This week we have new style mperks, they say each and come off each of the item you buy but only in one transaction
This will make each Proglide razor just $3.39, and when you buy 5 you will earn a rebate for a $10 Visa prepaid card. So pay $20.34 with $10 back, making it $10.34 for 6!!

The disposable Fusions and Proglides are on sale for $8.29. The $3 coupon is also valid on those, making them $5.29. This week we got a B2GO coupon. 

Buy three disposables and one regular for $31.26
- $8.29 for the B2GO coupon
- $12 for the mperk coupon
= $10.97 with a $10 MIR back net $0.97 for four!!

Tide is on sale for $5.99 each. Theres an EACH mperks for $1.50/1 and $2/$2 mperks too 

Makes each Tide $4.49. It is also part of the promo for the MIR.
Buy five for $29.95, and one trial size P&G product $0.99 
- $1.50/1 comes off 5 timespookiedeal!
- $2 mperks
= $21.44 with $10 MIR back

Make sure you clip this reward:
You will earn this by doing the above deal if you do your trial size item as a Tide trial size. That makes it $6.44 net cost!

If you need batteries, Energizer Ultimate Lithiums are on sale for $7.99 with the 8ct. AA or AAA
Buy two and you get $5 off a $9.99 or higher video game (they have lots of kids $9.99 games)
or accessories $9.99 or higher
Use two $3/1 printables here pookiedeal!
= $9.98 and you save $5 off another participating item

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