Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amazing Pizza/Popcorn/Pop deal!!

From Wednesday through Sunday atJewel you can get this awesome deal on popcorn, pop, and pizzas!
Through Sunday Palermos Pizzas are $3.99 each.  pookiedeal!

Starting Wednesday, when you buy one Orville Redenbachers, you get one free, and two free 7up brand 2 liters. 

 And there's a $1/2 Palermos  in Sundays papers, $0.75/2 Orville in the 1/19 paper, and these $2/2 two liters wyb one Palermos

So here's the best matchup for all of this: 
Buy two Palermos Pizzas BOGO at $7.99
Buy four Orville BOGO at $2.99
Get four 2L free 
- Two $0.75/2 Orville coupons
- $1/2 Palermos coupon  pookiedeal!
- Two $2/2 2L 
= $7.47 for all of it! 
And there's plenty of EE and Chapstick overage to make it even less!


Naturals are included so use $0.45/1 from 1/19 and pay $7.07 for all of it

Some boxes have $1/1 peelies for the bags so if you buy the bags you'll pay $4.47 for all of it!!

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