Thursday, January 2, 2014

FREE Quit Smoking Stuff!!

So many people decide to quit smoking in the New Year, so why spend big bucks to do it?
Some of these may turn out as MM but as usual YMMV

Aren't these 20ct Nicorette Gum a convenient purse size container? Well I guess that's why they are pocket packs. Anyways..

Walmart has these for $9.97
- $15/1 ANY tear pad coupon
= $5.03 MM pookiedeal!

Or.. Some Walmart accept Target printables as a pricematch and deduct the value from the item. They do not give overage with this method.

So $9.97
Use $10/1 Target printable here

Target has the 20ct for $9.98
- $10/1 Target printable here
- $10/1 mobile coupon
-$5/1 Target Printable NLA
- 20% cartwheel
- $15/1 ANY Tearpad coupon
= $4.98 to possible $15 MM YMMV

Meijer has them for $9.99
Starting today theres an instant savings of $3 on all Nicorette/Nicoderm
so that makes it $6.99
- $10/1 Target printable here
- $5/1 Target printable NLA
- $15/1 Tearpad coupon ANY
= $1.99 to FREE to possible $10 MM because they type the Target coupons in manually YMMV
Make sure you clip the healthcare reward because this counts for it!!

Jewel-Osco has them for $11.99
- $15/1 ANY tear pad coupon
= $3 MM

Walgreens has them for $15.49 pookiedeal!
- $15/1 Tearpad coupon
= $0.49!

Dollar General $10
- $15/1 ANY tear pad coupon
= FREE possible $5 overage

Kmart has Nicorette 20ct Gum for $9.99 on sale
- $15/1 tearpad coupon
= FREE and you earn 100pts

I'm sure theres others, I just haven't gone out to check there

Nicoderm CQ patches can be incredibly expensive, but not with the right match ups.
The best deal seems to be on the 7ct of any step

Target 7ct $23.99
- $10/1 printable Target coupon here
- $5/1 printable Target coupon NLA
- $10/1 Target mobile coupon
- $15/1 printable, tear pad, parade, or upcoming insert coupon
- 20% Cartwheel discount
= FREE possible $1.20MM

Meijer 7ct $27.99
- $3 Instant savings for this weeks sale $24.99
- $10/1 Target printable here
- $5/1 Target printable NLA
- $15/1 printable, upcoming insert, tear pad, or parade coupon
= FREE to $4.99
Make sure you clip the healthcare reward as this counts for it
You can use the GC cats if you have them pookiedeal!

Walmart $23.97
- $15/1 printable, insert, tear pad, or parade coupon
= $7.97 or $1.13 a day
As stated above some take a TQ as a PM so if they do at yours, this item would be FREE or a $1.03MM

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  1. where did you find the tearpad mq?