Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great deals on Alcohol at Schaumburg Jewel!

The Schaumburg Jewel store has hundreds of bottles of alcohol on clearance for $4 each. Although the sign says wine, there's others included too. Be sure to look for rebates and coupons in store, many of them have escalating rebates or coupons for money off another product when you buy that bottle.

The best deal I saw was this: 

These Skinny Girl cocktails and wines were included in the $4 sale and there's a rebate:
Buy one get $5 back
Buy two get $12 back 
And buy three get $21 back

I bought three bottles for $12 and will get at least $12 back but hopefully the full $21!

Some others included: 
Sutter Home Bubbly Moscato for $4 and there's a $3 MIR 
Ménage á Trois wines $4 and there's a $2 MIR 
Mark West $2 off ham coupon

Also remember that if you buy six or more you will get the 10% savings!

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