Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stratford JCPenney Liquidation sale

So today was the first time we went for the liquidation sale at the Stratford store. I had really high hopes of finding good deals with the reward dollars and text coupons. As we looked around we saw lots of great percentage discounts mostly 50-70% off. It said off of the lowest price tag price. 

Well, I guess for those who don't shop at Kohls or remember the good old days at least these will be amazing deals. But firstly, they retagged all the items in the store to about well above the listed retail price on Many of the items you could see where clearance and sale tags had been removed. For example: A tshirt that shows online for $4.99 was $11.99 after the 50% savings. If you lift the edge of the new tag you can clearly see where the shirt was $4.99 before. A Keurig personal brewer system like this one was now listed at $350!! Or this mixer was now tagged $400!! 
Honestly, for a store that is to be shuttered by April 25, they sure are sitting on a lot of product. She said they are done sending stuff to other stores, that what's left has to sell, including the overpriced displays, mannequins, and furniture. Good luck with a pricing scheme like that!

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