Thursday, April 24, 2014

Springtime Woodmans Coupon Book Matchups

At Woodmans they have the above books near the door with a sign saying "free take one"
Inside these are several high value manufacturer coupons that conveniently lack size restrictions. 

My favorite by far is this one. There's no exclusions as to which of those items you buy so it's making for a lot of freebies. It scans at every store not just Woodmans.  

Ben & Jerry singles 5/$5 at Woodmans, so free. $1 at Walmart so free. $1.02 at Target so just $0.02 each. $1.19 at Food4Less so $0.19 each. 

Ben & Jerry pints are $2.25 at Food4Less so $1.25 each

Popsicle singles are $0.50 each at Walmart so $0.50 mm each. 

Popsicle boxes 8ct are $1 at Target and Walmart so Free. $1.49 at Food4Less so $0.49 each. 

Good Humor singles are $1 or less everywhere so free!

This coupon doesn't exclude trial or travel sizes so free Simple Facial care. 

Free Tresemme if you find the $0.97 trial sizes since there's no restrictions. 

Free trial or travel size Axe too!

Klondike bars are on sale for $1.75-$2.50 many stores, so just $0.75-$1 

Or if you prefer Magnum bars, look for singles which are $1 or less so free with this coupon

Makes travel size Clear $1 each everywhere 

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