Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Huge Target MM

Ok- I must preface this by saying it is an error, it is a fight, and it is not worth running around for if it is the only reason you are going. But totally worth it if you do it!!
I ran this at West Dundee with my Aunt so our pricing was 30% better, but if I find another store with the signs still posted I will buy there too!
The following items are tagged buy one get a $5 GC. Some triggered, some didn't, not sure which ones all I know is they give $5 store coupons for ones not triggering. All are Up&Up brand. Lots have 5% cartwheel offers too.

Mag Citrate $0.99
Laxatives 24ct $2.34
Diphedryl 24 ct $2.19
Diphedryl 48 ct $4.09
Childrens Allergy 4oz $3.39
Childrens Allergy 15ct $3.49
Childrens Dye-Free Allergy 4oz $3.79
Anti-Diarrheal 48ct $3.94
Dairy Relief 24ct $5.59
Anti-Diarrheal 24ct $2.79
Infant Gas 100 doses $3.84
Lansoprazole 14ct $7.39
Acid Reducer 30ct $3.04
Famotidine 25ct $2.49
Famotidine 60ct $4.99
Rantidine 150mg 60ct $5.09
Rantidine 75mg 60ct $5.09
Rantidine 150mg 24ct $4.09
Rantidine 75mg 24ct $4.09
Hemorrhoid Wipes $4.29
Hemorrhoid Cream 1.8 oz $3.04
Stool Softners $4.04
Senna Laxatives 30ct $3.79
Laxatives 30ct $1.49
Gentle Laxatives 25ct $2.29
Laxatives 160ct $4.29
Powderlax $5.39
Chewable Antacids 60ct $3.49
Rx Strength Allergy 5ct $5.99 ($1/1 peelie on it)
Laxatives with Stool Softner 100ct $4.79

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  1. didnt work at North Aurora store :-(