Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peelie Usage

So I've been trying to be more ethical concerning my peelie taking. Everyone keeps telling me that it's unethical to take peelies but use them somewhere else. So here goes..
Saw Chapstick peelies but they were on Advil so tried to use them on that. Cashier must have thought I was blind. 
Next came those Duncan Hines frosting coupons on the cake mix. I guess my cashier didn't see my humor. 
Then came those Advil PM peelies that were on regular Advil and Children's Advil. Tried that. Guess those two letters make a difference. 
Now today at walmart I got excited. I saw $1 woolite bottles on a display with $1/1 peelies attached. I guess 5.5 and 50 oz are very different. 
I'm not understanding why they keep putting all these coupons on items I can't use them on when I'm not supposed to take them off to use on the proper item. 

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