Saturday, October 12, 2013

Huge Meijer MM

So before I start, I must say if your ethics don't condone the use of overage at Meijer don't do this. If you are not comfortable trying this then don't. For those willing to try, it works beautifully I did it today.

Ok so here's the deal: 
Buy three Gas-X for $9.39pookiedeal!
These are the 18ct packages so you can use the $2/1 Wags IVC coupon
And a $10/3 coupon. 
Go to self check, and make sure you have other items. 
Ring them all, scan the $10 coupon. It scans without any intervention. Then click the call for help and tell them you have a competitor coupon for $2/1. They will verify the item size and manually enter three $2/1 coupons. pookiedeal!
You successfully just received $6.61 in overage!
Clip the $6 when you spend $40 HBC reward and make even more!


  1. Meijer here in IL even at self-check will not let you have any overage. :(

    1. We are in Illinois. You get the overage because they have to type in competitor coupons. And the manufacturer coupon scans for the full $10.