Sunday, October 13, 2013

CVS MM Advil Congestion and Benefiber

This week they are on sale for $4.95
The MCM is printing $2 off cough and cold relief
There's a $3/1 in today paper. 
They are on the monthlong buy 2 get $3 ECB promo 

Buy two for $9.90
Use $2 cough and cold pookiedeal!
And two $3/1 Advil congestion relief
Pay $1.90 and get $3 ECB back!
In store tags say limit 5, limit is really 40. 

Trial size benefiber is $1.67
Buy two get $10 ECB 
Use $5/2 coupon. 
Pay $0 and get $10 ECB!! pookiedeal!

Benefiber big canisters are $9.49 
MCM is printing $2/1 Benefiber this week
There's a $5/2 coupon in today's paper. 

Buy two for $18.98
Use two $2/1 store coupons
Use $5/2 coupon
Pay $9.98 with $10 ECB back

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